The Oscar Vitalmax DA900 Single Auger Juicer - Oscar Vitalmax Juicer

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The Oscar Vitalmax juicer is a great quality single auger juicer that operates on the low rpm masticating method. This means an auger turning at a modest 80 revolutions per minute first 'chews' your produce up before pressing it against a perforated juicing screen that allows the juices to flow through and be collected. This method of operation ensures that the juices created in an Oscar Vitalmax or other low rpm 'cold press' juicer are of the best available quality.

Like most horizontal single auger juicers the Vitalmax is also multipurpose, and is able to mince, homogenise and grind as well as juice. The standard machine is supplied with a set of nozzles and a blank grinding screen.

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